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Seated safely in our sledges Vagabon 120, Vagabon 180 or sled Adanak, Julia and Damian will take you to discover the snowy trails of Vitosha. 


The Vagabond 200

Antipode. This sled is designed for transport of material and people. It is equipped with a non-slip grip to protect passengers, and a comfortable seat. A really good sled for raids in autonomy over several days.

Technical data: min 8 dogs 

Skid length: 200 cm

Payload of 200 kg

The Vagabond 150

Antipode. A shorter version of the Vagabond 200 – Antipode, he is ideal for long days, with or without tracks in the snow. It is manoeuvrable thanks to it short size, it is appropriated for tracks with many turns. Used a lot for training young mushers for competitions. 

   Technical data: min 4 dogs

   Skid length: 158 cm

   Payload of 100 kg


Extremely light, these "baby sleds" allow easy and safe workout with one or two dogs, they are ideal for beginners mushers such as children. 


The Kickspark Max Alu 

Snowmobile for beginners. These "baby-sled" are conceived to make easier country skiing for children or elderly person. Very lightweight, they allow an easy training in fill safety with one dog, they are perfect for mushing beginners like children.

Technical data: min 1 dog

Skid length: 150 cm

Payload of 80 kg

Style Kit Luge - Adanac 

A large sled designed for rides like the Toboggan style sled. It is combines use for tracks and trails in deep snow. Made of wood, this sled is lightweight and permits a fast driving.

Technical data: min 3 dog

Skid length: 148 cm

Payload of 80 kg


From May to Novembre discover a new activity in the mountains : hiking with dogs.
With a comfortable belt, you are tied by an an elastic to the dog's harness so you can enjoy its strength during the hike. 


We also provide a variety of other services upon request.


Discover the mountain and the sled in an exceptional way by spending the night outside! 


You would like to celebrate your birthday with your friends sledding with our dogs ? 


​Would you like to develop your team cohesion, team spirit, your group solidarity and the stress management inside of your company or would you like to reward your best clients or your VIPs … nothing’s better than a sled-dog adventure! 


You are a school, a company, a group of friends ...
Contact us and we will prepare the best offer for you! 

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